Professional Audio Equipment from AAVS

American Audio Visual Services understands the importance of quality audio equipment. After all, audiences who paid for admission to a concert or other performance will demand their money back if they can’t hear. Likewise, organizers who put on a corporate event or lecture need their message to be heard. AAVS in Augusta GA has everything you need to be heard, including sound boards, amplifiers, speakers, microphones and the experienced people to set up and operate it all.

The Latest Technology in Audio Equipment

American Audio Visual Services is proud to partner with Midas Pro digital audio consoles for producing our live shows and event staging. With multiple channels and a variety of digital sound mixing and editing options, Midas Pro Series is the

choice of seasoned professionals for live events.


Speaker reinforcement technology is ever evolving with digital line array systems. American Audio Visual uses the powerful QSC KLA active line array system in addition to EAW and JBL active speaker enclosures. These are the most modern, technologically advanced systems and speakers designed to provide a powerful, clear sound to even the largest venues.

AAVS Makes You Sound Great!

From microphones to mixing and editing consoles to amplifiers and speakers, American Audio Visual Services Inc. in Augusta GA has the equipment and experience to make sure your presentation, message or performance is heard and remembered. Our video, audio and lighting services ensure that there are no bad seats for your event.

American Audio Visual Services has the audio equipment, video equipment and stage lighting to make your event stand out.