Stage Lighting Makes a Difference

Stage lighting is a very important part of any live event, whether it is a theatrical performance, concert, lecture or corporate announcement. The audience should be able to see what is happening on the stage, of course, but excellent lighting can add something special and make it truly memorable.

American Audio Visual Services Augusta GA carries a full line of stage lighting, room lighting and scenic set pieces. Let our skilled audio, video and lighting technicians design, draw and construct your next event. Then, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show. We have the experience that counts!

The Latest in LED Stage Lighting

For years, the standard in event stage lighting has been high-wattage incandescent bulbs that get very hot and burn out often. Lately, though, the industry has been shifting to LED lights, which last longer and offer more versatility with lower power drain.

From automated fixtures to theatrical lighting, American Audio Visual Services carries a full line of LED stage, event and décor lighting. We use only the latest in LED technology and innovations from Martin and Elation lighting manufacturers. All of our stage lighting equipment is supported by Global Truss structures and rigging systems - the best name in the industry.

You Can Rent Our Equipment

American Audio Visual Services has the experience to expertly stage any event. We provide all the technology and technicians for a successful event. If you need just equipment rental, though, we offer the latest name-brand technology in audio, video and lighting equipment.

Be seen with the latest stage lighting from American Audio Visual. Find out how our audio and video equipment can help you.